Farm Eco is Local & Fresh

More often than not, produce you buy is shipped from out-of-state. This means it has been days or even weeks since the plant was plucked out of the ground. This also means that hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel were burned to get the produce to you, increasing your costs.

Our goal is to be one of your sources for local and fresh premium produce. We like to call ourselves "hyper-local" because we aren't a farm just outside of town--we are a farm down the street. We grow in unused urban space at the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Our customers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, and Gilbert know that when they receive deliveries from us, the plants were cut less than 24 hours ago. This is particularly important for fragile herbs like basil.

Buying local also supports your community. For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 remains in the local economy while $27 leaves. For every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, only $43 remains in the local economy while $57 leaves. Buying local keeps our community thriving. Learn more about buying local >